Lapin Taika 39€/person

wild mushroom soup
house's bread
sauteed reindeer with mashed potatoes,
lingonberry jam and pickles
lappish cheese with cream and cloudberry jam, coffee

Revontulen Retki 49€/person

creamy smoked reindeer soup
house's bread
beef tenderloin steak 150g with red wine sauce
cheesecake and coffee

First course

Tortilla chips and salsa sauce 4€

Garlic bread 6€

Creamy salmon soup 12,00€

Creamy smoked reindeer soup 12,00€

Creek salad 10,00€
- House's dip and bread

Salmon salad 12,00€
- House's dip and bread

Main course

House burger 14,00€
- Ground beef steak 188g, sweet potato french fries and dip

Šaman steak 14,00€
- Breaded pork escalope with pepper sauce and a potato option

Beetroot crepe 17,00€
- Beetroot crepe filled with feta cheese and vegetables

Fried chicken in a basket 17,00€
- Fried chicken and a dip with a potato option

Douple Šaman steak 17,00€
- Stuffed pork escalope with smoked reindeer, blue cheese and potatoes

House steak 20,00€
- Grilled steak beef sirloin, spicy butter and potatoes

Cheddar chicken 20,00€
- Grilled chicken with cheddar sauce and a potato option

Grilled salmon 22,00€
- Grilled salmon with béarnaise sauce and a potato option

Grilled white fish 26,00€
- With a cream sauce seasoned with lemon and a potato option

Lapin Poroakka 20,00€
- Filled pork file with smoked reindeer, cream sauce, bacon and a potato option

Lapin Poroukko 25,00€
- Beef sirloin 200g with smoked reindeer, red onion cream sauce and a potato option

Sautéed reindeer 28,00€
- Traditional sautéed reindeer, mashed potatoes, pickles and lingonberry jam

Pepper steak 32,00€ / 38,00€
- Beef tenderloin steak 150g / 220g, red wine sauce and a potato option

Potato options:

French fries
Cream potatoes
Potato wedges
Criss cuts
Cream potatoes with garlic
Fried potatoes
Sweet potato french fries

Children’s menu:

Big french fries 6,00€

Laughing wiener sausages with french fries 8,00€

Meatballs with mashed potatoes 7,50€

Grilled house steak 14€
- grilled steak beef sirloin, spicy butter and a potato option


Ice cream with sauce 5,00€

Cheesecake 5,00€

Pancake roll with strawberry filling and ice cream 8,00€

Lappish cheese 10,00€
- with cream and cloudberry jam


Milk 2,00€
Soda (0,3l) 2,60€
Big soda (0,5l) 3,20€
Special coffee 3€